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Nursing/Maternity bra talk

Nursing/Maternity bra talk

Nursing/maternity bras... are they ever even talked about? Once you get pregnant your body grows and grows. For most women, the boobs are the first thing to get bigger and then your bras are to tight and uncomfortable and getting up and dressed becomes miserable because nothing fits right. I know that is how I felt, and immediately found some nursing bras to wear to make myself feel more comfortable. So I went and found these nursing bras are to fix that for all of you ladies that are currently expecting! These nursing bras are super soft, stretchy, and actually really comfy to wear for your entire pregnancy, and while you nurse the babe! Or if you pump this makes it super easy to do. The bra clips at the strap making it super easy to come down to give you access to nurse or pump! This nursing bra is a nude color, making it easy to wear under many tops. We have 3 different sizes available in our seamless nursing bra - S/M M/L L/XL they are made of  90% nylon 10% spandex. This makes it easy to wear during your entire pregnancy, and after to easily nurse the babe! 


You can find this amazing Nursing/Maternity Bras on Blueberryhil.com